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I would not have been as frustrated when I started piano lessons if I had been able to have Kathleen as my first music teacher.  The fun games, movement, and excercises she had her students do, lay the groundwork for reading, hearing, and understanding pitch and rhythm.  When you see her class demonstration, you just can't believe that someone didn't come up with this kind of program for teaching music before now.
Debbie Parker Calandro
Surgical Nurse
Parent of Two

Kathleen Mackey King is an unusually gifted musician and teacher.  She relates well with her students and develops in them the personal discipline which is necessary for high achievement in music or in all meaningful endeavors in life.  To study music with her is a privilege, the results of which will be cherished for years.                                                                  
Everett Timm, Dean Emeritus
LSU School of Music            


As a mother and a musician, I was doubly impressed... My children are learning things that I was not taught until I was in college.  And all this is in an atmosphere that is more play than work.
Mary Kay Beck
Choir Director
Parent of Two

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Children's Prep Music Studio 
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